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Warning: If your hard drive emits unusual noises (clicking, grinding or metal scraping), turn it off immediately! This symptom typically indicates a head crash that can destroy your data. Hard drives spin with extreme speed - from 7,200 to 15,000 revolutions per minute - therefore extensive damage can occur in a short period of time. Contact West Redding Computing immediately, as this situation demands professional recovery in a Cleanroom environment.

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Tips on Using Disk Utility Programs
While most disk utilities provide excellent preventative maintenance by fixing minor problems, they can render data unrecoverable in the event of extreme corruption. Follow these tips to help ensure your drive and data safety.


1. Always Save an "Undo" File

  • Save an "undo" file, a record of the changes the utility has made to your drive, in the event it does not correct your problem. By sending this file along with your drive to us, you help ensure recovery of your data.

  • Do NOT use a utility program if it does not allow you to save an "undo" file of the repairs it makes.

2. Strange Noises? Avoid Utilities!

  • If your drive sounds or acts erratically in any way, DO NOT USE UTILITY SOFTWARE.

  • Damaging sounds include clicking, buzzing or scraping.

  • Back up your data immediately (if you are already booted up).

  • Shut down the computer to avoid further damage to the drive and its data.

3. Windows NT/2000, UNIX and NetWare Require Professional Expertise

  • Because of the broad range of circumstances and potential hazards when using utility software with these complex operating systems, we recommend contacting us for professional recovery advice.



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